Ministering to Youth

The Columbia River is about 2 miles away from the ranch.The Kettle Falls Youth Works camp is located between between the picturesque Columbia and Kettle rivers, in a quiet, secluded and restful setting at the Gaius Guest Ranch in Kettle Falls, Washington.

Our mission at the camp is to lead youth to Christ. By selecting this location we have endeavored to take advantage of the spiritual blessings that can be derived from being amidst the beauties of the Creator's handiwork. Come visit us sometime and experience the camp for yourselves.

Its time for camp! 
Our Camp and Event schedule for 2017:

May 27 Family Day, 11am- 2pm, (inflatibles)
June 2 & 3  Town & Country Days, (inflatibles)  
June 26-28  7-10 year olds (open)
July 1-8  Family Camp (full - closed)
July 10-12  8-11 year olds  (open)
July  17-19  8-11 year olds, Grace Evangelical Free Church Colville (open)
July  24-26  11-13 year old (open)
July 31- August 2  7-12 year olds, Free Methodist Church (open)
August 4-5 Rendevous Days Colville (inflatibles)
August  7-9  8-12 year olds  
August 14-16  Grandparents & Grandchildren Camp
August  25-27  Son Riders

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Online Calendar
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The youth love their cozy cabins

Dennis with the children at Bible study time.

The youth get refreshed on a hot day.

The youth camp is located amidst the beauties of God's creation.

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